breakfast will be this Saturday at 9am at the Lamplight in Perrysburg. It’s located at 121 W. Indiana Ave.–just west of Louisiana Ave. I believe the peeps will park in the rear of the building.
Dinner in September will be a picnic style meal at the residence of the President & VP, located at 2930 Evergreen Rd., Toledo OH. The house is located about 5 streets west of Costco on Central near Secor. Go south on evergreen to the first stop sign. it is directly to the left of the sign (at the intersection of Lapa Kala Way).
Bring some things/food of the mini variety, i.e. mini cheese bites, mini sandwiches, etc.
Don’t forget about breakfast & the road rally on September 30th. If you’re interested please email me.
Rick P., founder of NOMO (’13)