Hello Mini-acs!

Here’s the lastest schedule of events for the next 8 weeks or so.

June 8th ~ Jackson Rd Cruise at Ann Arbor Mini. Meet at Tim Horton’s on Alexis Rd. in Sylvania, OH, across the street from Jim White Dealership at 9:45-10:00. we hope to leave by 10:15 & be up to Ann Arbor shortly before 11am, where we will be parking in their front lot & have front row seats for the cruise that starts at Noon.

June 11th, 6:30pm ~ Dinner / Ice Cream Social, Freeze Daddy’s Ice Cream, 8060 Monclova Rd, Monclova, OH…about 2.5 miles west of St. Lukes Hospital.

June 20th to June 25th – Minis On Top….a national event being held in New Hampshire at Mt. Washington. We have about 6 or 7 minis going so far. We’ve been told that there will be 250 to 300 mini’s going up the mountain.

June 29th, 9:00am, Breakfast, Star Diner at 2524 Navarre, Oregon Oh…just east of I-280.

July 9th, dinner at 6:30pm, at Max & Erma’s, 1210 Levis Commons Blvd, Perrysburg, Oh…just south of I-475/U.S.23.

July 21st, 11:30am-5:30pm, Trip to Mon Ami Restaurant in Port Clinton/Catawba Island. We’ll meet in the Home Depot Lot on Rt. 20 in Perrysburg (about 2 miles east of 75), at 11:30 & leave about 11:45-11:50 to take a spirited drive out to Mon Ami. We should arrive there about 12:45ish, have a meet & greet with the NEO Miniacs, Cbus Miniacs,etc. We’ll get our tables and the Beatles tribute band will start about 2pm. tt’s normally over by 5pm.

July 27th, 9am, Breakfast, at the Delta 109 restaurant, 214 Main Street in Delta OH.

August 1st thru August 4th, Mini On the Mack trip to St. Ignace Michigan. The event is on August 3rd but many of us will go up on the 1st. We ask you join us and 1400 other minis to attempt once again to break the world record. Go to www.minionthemack.com for more info.

Happy Motoring,
Rick P., founder of NOMO