This coming weekend, 9-26-20, we are going to hold our annual road rally. This year’s version will be a little different. Instead of tell you the route by giving you a sheet of instructions on which way to turn after a certain monument/structure/sign, we will be telling 6 donut shops to go to, throughout the city, and the winner will be the one with the least mileage on their trip-o-meter when they get to the last shop. This will start after breakfast…about 10:15-10:30. Breakfast will be at Charlies on Dussel–just west of Reynolds.

if you’d rather not do the donut rally, just come and join us for breakfast. We’ll be sitting outside on their covered patio.

We will be doing a covered bridge trip to N.E. Ohio (ashtebula county) on October 10th & 11th. We will leave from the Home Depot Lot in Perrysburg (about 1 mile east of i-75 on Rt. 20) at 8:15. We will find a cool lunch spot when we get there and then start the tour. So, grab your breakfast prior to arriving to the "launch point". You might want to plan for overnight accommodations, as some will be doing so.

October’s dinner (10/13) is still being worked on. The Breakfast meeting for October will be at Rick’s City Diner on Monroe (about 1 mile west of the Franklin Park Mall). We will be in there private room in the back away from anyone else and have tables set up in with 4 seats.

Happy Motoring,

Rick P., founder of NOMO